Top 10 Crime Countries In The World


Top 10 Crime Countries In The World.Crimes is a combination of social and civil act.the breakage of rules and regulations that imposed by government and in return punishment will be given to a person that break the rules and regulation.The person that break the rules called criminal.

Classification of crime:

  • Kidnapping
  • Rape
  • Murder
  • Drug
  • Robbery

On the basis of classification we listed the countries with highest crime rates:



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Large number of rapes recorded every year.

9)     BELGIUM

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Belgium comes no 09 on my list,Under age kids are the most victims for rape abused.


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Every year the ratio for rapes are increasing as compare to previous year.Mostly gangs rapes are recorded


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One out of every four women are sexually abused or raped.


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German women and girls are raped by military troops in world war 2 almost 2 million.which is considered significant till now.

5)     CANADA

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One out every three women has been sexually abused .

4)     MEXICO

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Comes no 05 in my list.


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In this countries rapes are increasing from last year.Mostly rapes has been done in taxi cars as per total reported rapes.


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womens are not safe completely due to gangs rapes.Mostly done in villages offices schools hospitals and colleges.Due to religion restrictaion womens are unable to speak or reported.Data collected only on the basis of reported crimes.

1)   U.S.A

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Almost 16.2% of total rapes are done here.And its still continue to surge from last year.


10)   Columbia:

200 cases been reported.80% of kidnapping due to drug dealing.

9)     HAITI:

Children kidnapping are the at highest peak.

8)     Mexico:

72 kidnapping per day


80 kidnapping per day.

6)    INDIA:

Most of the kidnapping cases are out of record but from official statistics it holds substantial weightage among countries.

5)   Pakistan:

A last 2 decades pakistan comes  in top ten ranking.

Records are unknown but increasing day by day.

4)  Nigeria:

Poor economic conditions arises rape, murder, kidnapping ,robbery in this country.Weak government with little sources to minimizes these risk is unlikely to be possible.

3)   IRAN:

100 per day approximately


Drug dealing,human trafficking,kidnapping makes this country the most vulnerable country.Almost 300 cases of all above listed crimes recorded every day.


So many wars in this country since 1988 till now destroyed the infrastructure, law and order makes it the to the top spot in my list.


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Drug and robbery country  positions are same as kidnapping  list.



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