Fruits Makes You Healthy And Fit

Fruits Makes You Healthy And Fit:Fruits are good combination of vitamins,minerals,proteins,carbohydrates,fat,lipids and some electrolytes.Here are the list of one of fruit which we should use in our daily life to remain healthy and fit.


APPLE:(Family roseacea)
An apple a day keeps you aways from doctor.
Chloestrol level.
By eating apple reduce the level of cholesterol to a large extent.
Digestive System.
It helps in regulating the digestive system,Helps to reduce constipation and maintain smooth bowel movements.
Apple contains iron that increases the hemoglobin level in body.
Eye strengthen.
Due to vitamin A and vitamin C helps in eye strengthen and control the eye sight from worsening.
Weight loss.
Helps in reducing weight due to fibre richness content.
It helps in reducing the risk of diabetes.
Prevention of heart diseases and breast and lungs cancer.
Due to antioxidants richness in apple provides protection from lungs and breast cancer.
Production of saliva and reduction of tooth decay.
   MEDUIM SIZE(65G)                                                                     DAILY VALUE IN USE
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