Top 10 Seven Stars Hotel

Top 10 Seven Stars Hotel.They are the best hotels in the world according to sources.List selected after detail anaylsis.

1. The Burj Al Arab:

The Burj Al Arab


Symbol of Dubai, First Ever Seven Star Hotel In The World. Presumably The Only One Which Comes With Luxuries Rooms, Location Of The Hotel, Cost For One Single Room, Restaurants Under The Sea And In The Air. All Facilities And Amazing Experience Comes None To Other But The Burj Al Arab The Giant

202 Luxurious BEDROOMS


Al Muntaha:

Al muntaha is a one of its kind, gives amazing experience, located 660ft high comes with a view of Dubai. Supported by cantilever.

Al Mahara:

Al mahara also one of its kind located under the sea by making a simulated submarine voyage, and with a view of largest glass aquarium.

2. Flower of the East Hotel:

2. Flower of the East Hotel

It Was Planned In 2005 Which Includes, ( Malls, Yacht Harbor, Marina, Residential Complexes And Condominiums, Golf Clubs And Hotels).It Was Planned To Built 200 Luxurious Rooms Which Represent Modern Persian Architecture And Culture In it. Designed Of The Hotel Is A Shape Of Flower That Is Hotel Name Called Flower Of The East. But Due To Non Availability Of Required Financial Investment Project, Was Cancelled In 2007.

Location: Iran (Kish Island In The Persian Gulf)

3. Town House Galleria, Milan, Italy:

3. Town House Galleria, Milan, Italy


Known to Be 7 Stars Hotel Category according To Societe generale De Surveillance.

20 Luxurious Rooms Available

Doesn’t Like Other 7 Star Hotels But Due To Their Unique Social And Other Services Such As Rooms Set On Guest Demands.

These Services Give Them The 7 Stars Hotel List. Although The Hotel Entrance And Place Don’t Give It A 7 Stars Category.

4. Pangu Seven Star Hotel, Beijing, China:

4. Pangu Seven Star Hotel, Beijing, China

Hotel famous by name called Morgan plaza. The hotel has multiples building in it,   (Japanese restaurant, temple and an extended corridor.)

Provide great view of Olympic district from Morgan plaza, Many Olympic venues like Birds Nest, water cube and fourth largest library can be approached easily.

It is designed on the orient principle of Chinese known as fengshui and in the form of a dragon.

5. Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:

5. Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

This one is Also the Land Mark of UAE. Presents The Finest and Excellent Architecture of Human Being. Many Of The Suites Furnished With Gold And Expensive Marbles.

302 Bedrooms Including 92 Luxurious Rooms.

Top Floor Reserved For Royalties and Dignitaries

The Beach Club Boasts A Six-Kilometer Cycling/Jogging Path, Two Outdoor Pools, And Water Sports. Tennis Courts, Cricket, a Rugby Pitch and Soccer Facilities. Conference Center with an Auditorium Capacity of 1100, In Addition To Over 40 Meeting Rooms and Six Large Terraces.

6. Full Moon Hotel IN Baku, Azerbaijan:

6. Full Moon Hotel IN Baku, Azerbaijan

Another landmark of architecture engineering that will be completed in 2017.

382 deluxe rooms spread across 35 floors with an area of 104,182 square meters.

It also represents Azerbaijan across nations due to their master class unique hotel.

Information hasn’t much been disclosed about services and facilities but resources says it is the next one to burj al Arab in 7 star list of hotel category.

7. Centaurus Hotel Islamabad:

7. Centaurus Hotel Islamabad

Under construction will be completed in 2018.

350 luxurious rooms with first class facilities available

Hotels is a part of Centaurus plaza it includes shopping mall, swimming club gym.

Its is located in Pakistan which will be the first hotel that reach to the 7 star category.

8. Pentominium:

8. Pentominium

Pentominium is also located in dubai.still under construction will be completed in 2017.

It’s an apartment more than a hotel. But facilities and amenities is just like a 7 star hotel. Each apartment has its own chauffer with luxury vehicles, butler and a sailing trip. Each apartment has advance equipment for daily use which is none to other.

9. ITC Grand Chola – ITC Hotels:

9. ITC Grand Chola - ITC Hotels

Located in India (Chennai)

Third largest in India and 10th largest in overall.

The hotel has 600 rooms and features 1,600,000-square-foot (150,000 m2) of built area, 75,000-square-foot (7,000 m2) of retail space and 100,000 square feet (9,300 m2) of conference and exhibition facilities, which includes a pillar-less main ballroom of 26,540 sq ft named the Rajendra Hall, which can accommodate 5,000 guests.

10. Aria Resort and Spa, Las Vegas, Nevada:

10. Aria Resort and Spa, Las Vegas, Nevada


Located In America

One of the Most Exciting Places to Live and Enjoy

Have 4000 Rooms in It In Which 1500 Are Luxurious Rooms

Top Chief Are There to Provide the Best Food On Customer Demand

Have Variety of Casinos in the Lounge

Swimming Pool, Gym and Other Sports Facilities Are Available

Own Chauffeur Available For the Luxurious Rooms Customer.


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