Bermuda Triangle (a unresolved Mystery)

Bermuda Triangle (a unresolved Mystery)

Bermuda Triangle (a unresolved Mystery) also known as a devil triangle or also called devil place, Last few centuries dozens of ships, aircraft’s vessels disappeared under mysterious circumstances.


It is loosely defined region in the western part of north Atlantic ocean (In between Florida, Puerto, Rico and Bermuda).

Covered Area:

It covers about 500,000 square miles.


Discovered by great CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS,

Approximately 1000 incidents happened which includes(vessel,ships,aircraft)

Around 129 planes have been disappeared between 1945 to 2008

Major incidents was,

1918 (USS Cyclops) .

1921(Carroll a Deering) cargo ship

1941(USS Proteus,USS Nereus).

1945(Flight 19) training aircraft.

1947(C-54) aircraft.

1948(Tudor Star Tiger).

1954(Flight 441) Naval airline.

1963(Marine sulfur Queen) .

1967(witch Craft).

1968(USS scorpion) sub marine.

1999(Cargo Freighter Genesis).

2008(Britain Norman) Aircraft.

  • Extra terrestrial activity place(ghost.aliens).
  • Some people thought that all incident occurred due to bad luck.
  • Some analyzed that there is a big hole in this area that swallowed all ships planes and people

Science views about Bermuda mystery:

  1. Methane gas

Methane gas under the sea floor can erupt as a result, Lower the density of water may cause the ships vessels sink,Planes or aircraft catch fire due to methane gas blowout completely.

  2.Electronic fog

A strange thick cloud appears in Bermuda triangle that could be responsible for engulfing the ships or air craft.

Religious views about Bermuda mystery:


According to Christians point of view that has been taken from bible.

Cherub,n the special angel that guarding the garden of Eden with their triangulated formation and wielded flaming swords that block the entrance to garden of Eden from every direction.

Even though it is deep beneath ocean and covered sandy earth but Christian believes that their swords are strong enough to produce large amount of Ch4 by using natural gas which releases high combustion in water cause the ships aircraft to sink .


According to Islam, Its not conclusive evidence but many scholars think that might be there is a place where Dajjal is residing in chains, only be free when time is come. Dajjal 

Bermuda Triangle (a unresolved Mystery)

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