Top 10 Online Shopping Sites

 Top 10 Online Shopping Sites. List of shopping websites, It holds top ranking among other shopping sites.Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Alibaba, Target, Netflix, Best Buy, Flipkart, New Egg.


  1. AMAZONAmazon-Logo

One of the most reputable among top 10 online shopping sites in the world, Have got more than one million customer worldwide. This site is famous for safe purchasing, on time delivery and variety of products in it,

Products are:

Movies, tablets, books, laptops accessories of electronic products.



Its a sites where anyone can buy or sell their product. Ebay have a commison on every product sold only,

Its not as safe as other sites are, this is because due to large number of seller and  impossible to verify every seller on ebay. Therefore ebay stated in their disclamier about no liability in case of loss of product or fraud by seller,

There need to be careful before purchasing,

The best in ebay is you can find what ever you want within your price range not other sites are like that, therefore it holds the second spot in my list of top 10 online shopping sites.




It’s a Chinese online company that provides  consumer to consumer sales

Business to consumer sales

Business to business sales

Through web portal.

It also provides online auction,hosting,online money transfer and mobile commerce.

4. TARGETTarget_logo.svg

Highly discounted products site in us and very popular among consumers could get any product with the cheapest price.its basically sell in bulk with high discount offer to consumer.



5. WALMARTwalmart-logo-wallpapers-a-e-ibackgroundz.com_

Its an American online shopping site having a good reputation among consumer of this site.

Products includes are similar to TESCO or ASDA.




Netflix is a provider of on demand internet streaming media in us canada,australia,europe .

Primary products are ( dvds,blu ray and disc rental)





It’s an American multinational consumer electronics corporation  which operates in U.S,Phuerto Rico,mexico Canada, and china.

Exclusive brands are ( electronic and computer equipment including old computers equipment)



8. FLIPKART302483-flipkart


Flipcart has launched its own product called Digiflip includes ( usb,tablets and laptops)


9. NEW EGGnewegg_01

Products are in this site ( computers,dvds,blu ray softwares,accessories houseware appliances ,furniture ,office products and lots of more.


10. SHOPimages

Products are in this site ( clothes,beauty products,home appliances,electronics,health & nutrition and etc)

This site is operate from usa but shipping to many countries which includes (uk, mexico canada,australia,taiwan,spain,india,hong kong and singapore.)



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