Top 10 Documentary Movies oF All Time


List of Top 10 Documentary Movies of All Time Taken After Some Criteria Listed Below,

  • Feedback from the People Watched Already
  • Box Office Performance
  • Cast and Cinematography
  • Quality and Picturerization of the Movies

However the list of top 10 documentaries movies of all time is not conclusive due to people different taste, state of mind and different way of thinking about the movie. And it’s not easy to determine which one is the best to be considered in the list.

Therefore I picked the benchmark to which against movies are rated.


1.      Fahrenheit 9/11



This movie is about George W Bush administration against Iran and Afghanistan war, what the motives behind these wars which totally disturb the world, and who attacked 9/11.What the bush administration achieved from these wars.



Release date: June 23, 2004

Director:  Michael Moore


2.      The Thin Blue Line



Documentary based on real facts, A enacts crime scene in which a police officer shot and killed by a young boy who was driving a stolen car. Another person (Randall dale Adam) in the middle of the road after break down a car outside Dallas accepted a ride from a young boy.



Release date: August 25, 1988

Director:  Errol Morris


3.      Shoah



A Documentary about a holocaust and massacre during World War 2 in a concentration camp to Jews by Nazi’s which killed almost 5 million Jewish people.

Film includes interview to the survivors, ex Nazis and the holocaust of footage of a concentration camps.


Release date:  November 10, 1985

Director:  Claude Lanzmann


4.      Hoop Dreams

Hoop Dreams


A two young African American made them perfect in a basket ball  to get a scholarship of a basket ball player in a elite high school and they got it, But unfortunately unable to survive the high society life and racism against them.



Release date:  October 14, 1994

Director:   Steve James


5.      Man with a Movie Camera



A documentary is about a cameraman shooting a film in the streets of a town in Soviet Union. Basic purpose of this film is to describe the life in Soviet Union with different angels. Film was made in 1920,s and at that time the shooting of the film was amazing and innovative. And some images of the film were extremely astonishing that could be rarely seen now a days and this movie is worthy to watch.



Release date:  January 8, 1929

Director:   Dziga Vertov


6.      Grey gardens



This film is based on two aged women discuss their past life, they are eccentric relatives of Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Edie Bouvier Beale and her mother, Edith, are the sole inhabitants of a Long Island estate. In this film these women’s discuss about their affairs love and desire etc.



Release date:  February 19, 1976

Director:   Muffie Meyer, Albert Maysles, David Maysles, Ellen Hovde


7.      Night and Fog



A French documentary made ten years later after world word 2, In this film it shows how Nazis creates a horror and unforgettable past into the mind of people in concentration camps and their families. Films shows real footage of the camps and the people suffered in it.



Release date:  March 15, 1955

Director:    Alain Resnais


8.      Grizzly Man



Timothy Treadwell’s went on a journey to Alaska to live in a wild tribe of grizzly bears to make the bridge between humans and animals. when one of the bear whom he loves and protected turns against him and the actual footage in this film in which he shot to bear, This drama film is enough for the humans to understand about that the nature can’t be change in which they are born.


Release date:  August 12, 2005

Director:     Werner Herzog


9.      Don’t Look Back

download-dont look


In 1965, the iconic troubadour Bob Dylan toured the United Kingdom at the age of 23, and director D.A. Penne baker was allowed behind the scenes to provide one of the most intimate glimpses of the private and frequently cantankerous songwriter. The film chronicles Dylan’s concert appearances, hotel room conversations, and transportation downtime, pulling back the curtain on the folk messiah at the end of his relationship with Joan Baez and on the cusp of his creative shift toward rock music.

Release date:  May 17, 1967

Director:      D. A. Penne baker


10.   Man on Wire



This film is about a man name Philippe Petit walked on the wire between twin towers of roof top with the help of friends. In this film it shows actual footage of the stunt and how he passed the security of the towers and how he getting the cables to the roof tops, performing acrobats on the strung thin wire between world trade centers. All actual footage has been recorded and has in this film.


Release date:  July 25, 2008

Director:  James Marsh

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