Top 10 Fuel Efficient SUVs

These are latest Top 10 Fuel Efficient SUVs 

1.            Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid


Newly hybrid version of Subaru makes this SUV in to the top SUVs fuel efficient car so far, This model average mileage is 32Mpg in City and 35Mpg on Highway.


20,000$ TO 35,000$


2.            Lexus NX 300h AWD


Lexus famous for their handling and engine performance and it comes to no 2nd in this list, it’s a four wheel drive with powerful engine along with hybrid power electric motor that makes this vehicle an extra mileage on the road,

28Mpg in City and 32Mpg on Highway,


40,000$ TO 45,000$


3.          BMW X3 xdrive 28d


Bmw x3 made an impression to the users with an excellent mileage average along with powerful diesel engine of 180Hp Twin Turbo power. Bmw claiming that this SUVs do 27Mpg in city and 32 on Highway.


40,000$ TO 44,000$

4.            Honda CRV 4WD


AS most of the cars lovers knows that Honda CRV is a fast sporty vehicle than utility, and with the new model with improved version of the engine and adding a hybrid powerful electric motor makes this vehicle fuel efficient , Honda Mileage is 26Mpg in city and 32 on highway.


25,000$ To 30,000$

Top 10 Fuel Efficient SUVs

5.             Lexus RX 450h AWD


Another model of Lexus made a mark in the list of top 10 fuel efficient SUVs, This model is comes with powerful Petrol engine with 300hp Twin Turbo along with Double Powerful electric motors that gives them the mileage altogether 26Mpg in City and 32Mpg on Highway.


40,000 TO 51,000


6.            Nissan Rogue AWD


Nissan newly stylish design with fantastic Hi-Tech features and specification made the users more attractive to this SUV, It’s a seven seated E flex design, and with power full 2.4Litre 170Hp engine.

Mileage 28Mpg in City and 30Mpg on Highway.


25,000$ TO 30,000$


7.            Mazda CX-5


Newly upcoming 2016 Mazda Cx-5 model Include all looks sporty, SUVs and utility which comes with powerful petrol 155Hp 4-cylnder engine, and company claiming that with this specification this vehicles is fuel efficient among other vehicles in this type of other brands,

28Mpg in City and 31 on Highway.


25,000$ To 32,000$


8.            Audi Q5 Hybrid Quattro


Audi also made an entrance into hybrid market to be fuel efficient, this newly design comes with 2 powerful electric motor combined diesel engine producing 245HP which is still less than without Q5 hybrid power but from rating and performance of the engine and handling of this SUVs still provide a excellent  speed.

26Mpg in City and 30Mpg on Highway.


45,000 To 52,000$


9.            Hyundai Tuscon Eco


It’s an Eco friendly SUVs comes with 175Hp 4-cylinder Turbo charge engine along with Hi-Tech features and specification which includes 7-inch touch screen, Leather seats, Powerful speaker with surround sound stereo system, etc.

28Mpg IN City and 31Mpg on Highway


24,000$ To 32,000$

10.        Mercedes-Benz GLK 250 BlueTEC 4Matic


This model also turns in to a very good SUV in terms of fuel efficient and itself style, class comfort, and Hi-Tech Features along with a powerful engine, which includes a 2.4Litre Diesel Turbo charged engine that produce 200hp which made this SUV a unique image among other models.

Mileage 25Mpg in City and 28Mpg on Highway.


45,000$ To 51,000$

Top 10 Fuel Efficient SUVs

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