Top 10 Mods Cities skylines

Top 10 Mods Cities Skylines.

  1. Dynamic Resolution

dynamic resoluition

Watch city by putting the mod into dynamic resolution its provides hi resolution by adjusting your screen size it also provides the view above the sky with crystal clear image and player can operate the whole city with one eye, but it could slow the game if the system resolution card  may not be supported such a high resolution therefore make sure that the card are up to the correct requirement  for using dynamic resolution mode.

2.      True Color Correction

traffic true coloe

In this game it has a option to identify which buildings are exactly made from, however  the game itself putting colors to make the things close to reality but this mods made an extra to get more to identify what exactly are they and what material used to built the structure. Secondly player can customize city lightness and brightness.

This mode also presents city with more colorful and exciting especially residential and parks.

3.       Traffic Report Tool

traffic report tool

Traffic report tool is essential in the city skyline it provides the heat maps which present how the city traffic flowing and what areas the traffic are congested, and need to improve by adding extra intersection and flyover to reduce congestion.

4.       Precision Engineering

precison Engineering

This mode provides of about how the road and tiles that they cross each other, its also provides view from various angle to get an idea of how you road construct.

5.       City Vitals Watch

city vitals watch

This mode is essential for this game it gives the details of water power sewage population, health and education etc.

6.       Timboh’s Marvellous Interchange Emporium


It basically to control traffic management by using this interchange, a long hour waiting on the intersection could become annoyance every time therefore this interchange with no traffic stopping provides excellent traffic management in to the city, secondly this emporium enhance the beauty of your city.

7.       Automatic Bulldoze

automatic bulldose

Automatic bulldoze is use to demolish abandoned, fire affected, or old buildings quickly to construct new one or for other purpose.

8.       Expensive Expansion

expensive city expension

Unlocks the 25 tiles, but also increases the price to more realistic levels. So buying a second tile is now 200,000 instead of 6,000. A bit more challenge and makes you think about zoning more.

9.       First Person Camera

first person camera

One of the amazing mods so far, it provides the views with your close eye at every angle and every place in the city, such as in the train, pedestrian, roads traffic etc

10.   Extended Road Upgrade


Adds a button to turn roads into one ways, and another to make them two ways. I prefer this over the C: S default method (which I still haven’t figured out.



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