Top 10 Ford Cars of All Time

List of top 10 Ford Cars of All Time

1. 1964 GT40


GT 40 announced to be the best among fords, it first present ford in to the sports world by direct challenge to Ferrari in its own game and she won straight four year wins. Afterwards ford became the most intimating car makers in the world.

2. 2010 ford Shelby GT 500


Another Remarkable Car That Was Develop By Shelby After A Long Period Of Time, However Some Models Launched Before This From 2006 To 2009 But They Are Unmatchable To This Model, Every Youngsters And Middle Age Man Have A Desire For This Cars. Mostly Famous In USA and Canada.

3. 1964/1964.5/1965 Ford Mustang


People went crazy at that time when it first introduced, it was a unique design with powerful engine with some sports features added in to it. It was so amazing and this car registered the top sales for last 5 years among other cars in America and Europe.

4. 1986 Ford Taurus


A remarkable design at that time in the mid 80’s against Japanese monopoly in the car market. She alone competing against all Japanese cars all over the world especially in America and Europe and made a huge impression to the other car makers about how to beat other large players or compete it.

 5. 1949 Ford Custom


This car was the first ever model with luxury touch and classic impression of the ford company which made this company known by this model all over the world with huge respect. It was a symbol of ford and America as well.

6. 1982 Ford Mustang GT


The Third Generation Mustang Was A Mix Of Sports And Family Vehicle Having Four Seats With Moderate Engine Produced 82hp, It Was Solely Design To Make This Car More Fuel Efficient, Comfortable, And Stylish Design And Mustang Made This Possible, This Cars Was Famous In USA, EUROPE And West Asia.

7. 1961 Lincoln Continental -

It’s the only car that remain in the market for a long period of time almost 30 years especially in America due his comfort, design, luxuriousness and the engine itself, however this car was not for middle car person it was expensive at the time of his boom.

8. 1968 Escort


Escort was basically popular more in U.K instead of America therefore she has in this number, she has a smart with moderate engine with low fuel efficiency specially for middle class person but it had been less unacceptable in America at that time.

9. 2000 SVT Mustang Cobra R


The Ford Mustang SVT Cobra is a pony car that was built by Ford and designed by their Special Vehicle Team division. It is a high-performance version of the Mustang, sitting in the model range above the Mustang GT model. On three occasions, Ford also produced an even higher performance 2000 SVT Cobra R variant WHICH IS THE BEST AMONG COBRA MODELS SINCE 1993.

10.1953 F-100


It’s A Pickup Vehicle Which Was First Launched In 1953 With the Name of F-100 and 2 Models Also Launched F-250, F350 Till 1961. These Entire Models With The Same Class Are Not Very Famous Among Other Models But Due To Its Unique Unconventional Design From Predecessors With The Intention Of Being Taken A Market Share At This Niche Was fair enough to add in this list.

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