Top Ten Dangerous Dogs

LIST OF Top Ten Dangerous Dogs 2015

Pit bull


Pitt bull is the most dangerous dogs and without extensive and proper training it can be lethal to any one, according to the sources pit bull took many deaths which is approximately 80 people including children’s since 1990.




Another dangerous breed similar to pit bull and without proper training and protective measure against him could harm to any one, very aggressive in nature, avoid to treats wrongly against its nature, not recommended for family pet, but some people use this dog to protect their homes from unknown trespassing or theft.


Doberman Pinscher


This dogs is famous to search and hunt the target given to them, commonly used by police for search operations, training must be required for this breed, mostly seen in united states, Not recommended for family pet.


Bull Mastiff


This breed are very large in size and heavy weight among other dangerous dogs, commonly known for home protection against any threat such as theft, tress passing, aggressive temperament to any threat and wouldn’t let it go until finishes, according to the sources a number of deaths reported causing bull mastiff bite.


German shepherd


Famous and most likable dogs among dogs lovers around the world, specialty to use for hunt and search operations, number of various countries police use this dogs for operations, but without proper training this breed is very dangerous to humans and even dogs as well, number of incidents around the world reported death or severe injuries against this breed bite.


Chow Chows


Originated from china and one of the oldest breed in the earth so far almost 4000 years, this dogs is known for aggressive in nature, stubborn and quickly can turn against humans if he feels unsafe, proper training required before considered him as a pet.



People in America love this breed,  very friendly in nature to the people and children as well but it requires training to do so otherwise lethal to anyone even his own honor, number of deaths and human attack recorded against huskies.

Great Danes

grat d

One of the Most attractive dogs breeds around the worlds, large in size and it weigh around 200 pounds and needs proper training and exercise otherwise it get violent suddenly and can hurt badly to anyone however no cases have been reported about any deaths causing bite or injury.



It basically originated from Alaska and s attractive and beautiful but similar in nature like huskies and needs proper training, took more than normal time to train unlike other dogs they are fast learners and if they didn’t get attention from his owner they get disturbed and could turn aggressively and let me tell you their bite is powerful it can rip your skin instantly, however very friendly in nature and loving animals, no case have been reported against this dogs.



People love this dogs to be a pet in the home very loving animal, but it also required training, excersie and proper attention otherwise they wouldn’t close enough to you to feel you as a family member and could turn violent at any reason.


Boxer Dog04

Very famous in America and Europe heavy in weight and by nature their temperament are not aggressive, intelligent breed and easily develop trust with his owner.

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