Top Ten 7 Seater Car In The World

Top Ten 7 Seater Car In The World:

These are latest and most famous among users of the this class world wide..

Top Ten 7  Seater Car In The World

  1. Volvo XC90:


7 seated SUV with diesel and petrol engine offers in this Volvo , with petrol it offers hybrid technology to get this car fuel efficient , very elegant interior design in upcoming new model along with large space storage in the back, it a complete family car.

  1. Land Rover Discovery:


It offers 2.2 liter diesel engine with most advance Hi-tech interior and engine technology, very smooth while driving along with large space capacity, exterior design are astonishing and people love this model at every aspect such as comfort ability, economical, safe drive and reliability.

  1. Audi Q7:


It offers 268bhp 3.0-litre TDI, returning 47.9mpg and emitting 153g/km of CO2. And basically was designed to compete against other brand such as Volvo xc90. Land rover and Bmw x5, this car was launched in 2005 and got a huge positive response from the peoples due to its unique design, Hi-tech interior with lowest price among other top brands and still this car remain in the top 10 loving 7 seated car in the world, New version of 2015 just been launched with few changes made to him still impressive in terms of performance and fuel efficiency.

  1. Citroen Grand C4 Picasso:


Very famous among users of the 7 seated cars worldwide, therefore it included in the list of top ten 7 seater car in the world, it offers a 1.6 e-HDi Air dream VTR+ EGS engine, very comfortable and large storage capacity a bit little short than other cars which gets more comfortable for the users to drive, from economic aspect very efficient.

  1. Ford S-MAX:


This car offers a 148bhp 2.0-litre TDCi diesel engine, and with luxury interior design, alloy rim, large storage space inside the car for approximately 7 persons, fuel efficient as well with the induction of new improved technology for injection system.

    6. BMW X5:

bmw x5

BMW X5 made a strong market since it was first launched mainly his competitors are Mercedes, Audi and Volvo with the same class, smart exterior design, Hi-Tech interior, comfortable seats, large storage space to carry easily 7 persons with standard luggage.

    7. Vauxhall Zafira:


It offers two types of engine both are compatible and fuel efficient (diesel 1.6litre or 1.4 petrol turbocharged).

Newly launched design have many features as other cars such as large space capacity with folding option, navigation system with adaptive cruise control embedded in to it to make this car up to the class of other top range cars, Vauxhall zafira basically a smart car unlike others large body cars.

    8. Peugeot 5008:


PEUGEOT with this class of Model made a good impression in the market with 7 seated capacity, Hi-Tech features, interior classic look, alloy rim, it offers two types of engine (1.2 liter turbocharged and 1.6 diesel).

    9. Mitsubishi Out lander:

7-Seater-cars-Mitsubishi-Outlander (1)

Cheaper than most of the 7 seated cars with same features and technology others are offering, this model inducted hybrid technology with 2.2 liter diesel engine, very fuel efficient.

   10.Kia Caren


The latest seven-seated Kia Carens was designed not only to replace the previous five-seated, but also the larger, full-size Kia Sedona MPV. It offers 1.7 crdi ecodynamics emits only 124g/km, while it also promises 60.1mpg fuel consumption.

Top Ten 7  Seater Car In The World

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