Top 10 Xbox Games Now

Top 10 Xbox Games Now

These are the games so far that has on the top of the chart on Xbox platform with Top 10 Xbox Games Now.

1.          Grand Theft Auto (Five)


Developed By Rockstar Games
In the top spot none other than GTA( 5) which among the most popular games so far in Xbox platform, in addition GTA (5) has the most selling percentage, New version of this games added fantastic features, advance graphics , new missions in Los Santos city with variety of modes offering in this game for the gamer.

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2.         The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Developed By CD Projekt Red
One of the most exciting games so far includes small missions, quest and amazing story line with amazing graphics with having a resolution of 1080 HP, in 2015 calendar year this is the second most likely game so far. 

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3.         Batman: Arkham Knight


Developed By Rock steady studios
It’s a last series of batman game, launched with more epic battle to save the city from immense threat (one last time), This newly version has more exciting features with a dual combat against Robin and co, Most online selling game worldwide according to Amazon, and top 10 Xbox games now.

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4.         Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain


Developed By Kojima Productions
Number of many serious in this games been famous around the world and with this series of metal gear it became the number one spot among all serious, the phantom pain series comes with most of the features, story line and mission and it also provides the gamer close to reality in extra with adding some intelligence for the gamer to use and apply and react according to situation.

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5.         FIFA 16

fifa 16

Developed By EA Canada
Newly launched FIFA 16 is not only for Xbox but to others platforms as well and sales and popularity of this New FIFA  16 game turns out to be as expected as it was predicted, FIFA 16 has now more enhanced graphics with more moves, skills and tactics that can be use in the game, it also provide the gamer an exciting experience that let you feel close to reality.

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6.         Halo 5


Developed By 343 Industries
If someone have a taste of fallout 3 and 4 then Halo 5 would be a better option among same category, it has amazing story with many modes to use and play, plus  high resolution graphics 1080HD, excitement, mission, thrill all in it.

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7.         Mortal Kombat X

mortal kombat

Developed By NetherRealm Studios, High Voltage Software
Mortal kombat x not only famous in Xbox platform but to all gaming platform, mortal kombat X unlike to his predecessor series, now In this x version fighters have the ability to think, develop and react according to situation, in this game developer add features that has the ability to invent new moves.

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8.         Rise of the Tomb Raider


Developed By‎ ‎Crystal Dynamics
It offers stunning graphics and that more mature, re imagined Lara, along with a better crafting system and the return of traditional Tomb Raider puzzle to tombs, In 2015 it now among the top 10 Xbox games now and continue to gain popularity day by day among game lovers.

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9.         Battlefield: Hard line


Developed By Visceral Games, Criterion Games
Excellent game for gamer’s to play, story of the game made this game exceptional and exciting including graphics features with each mission, Most famous among multiplayer’s including Hot wire mode which is so far the best mode including game players. 

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10.       Forza Motorsport 6


Developed By Turn 10 Studios
Finally Turn 10 Studios developed what lovers of games wanted from a long time ago on the platform of Xbox, It has advance features and graphics including a lot of modes that the gamer can apply and play, if users want racing game then this one is the best among top racing games on Xbox that is unmatchable to other games on Xbox with this category of racing sports therefore it is included in the top 10 Xbox games now.
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Top 10 Xbox Games Now

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