Top 10 Youtubers Right Now

All these are the latest top earners along with most viewers and subscribers at present time, Here are the list of top 10 Youtubers right now.

Top 10 Youtubers Right Now


1.    Felix Kjellberg:


He is in the top list with having 40 million subscribers to his video game channel called (PewDiePie), it is estimated that Felix Kjellberg yearly earning 12 million $ and  became the top earners among top 10 YouTubers right now.

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2.    Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla:


In the list of top 10 these two childhood friends comes in 2nd place having a annual income of 8.6million $ with having 5 YouTube  comedy channels including the famous live comedy act named (Smosh), which became the reason for them having so popular.

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3.    Benny and Rafi Fine:


Best known for producing, directing online films, and the most popular are react series which became so famous among viewers and recently they started their own small screen production house for making films, currently they have approximately 3 billion viewers along with 13 million subscribers, they earns 8.5 millions $ a year, and they famous for their own name (Fine Brothers).

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4.    Lindsey Stirling:


She plays violin and do dance at the same time on YouTube, having a large number of fans who follows and watch her, she also advice and teach to their fans, approximately earns 6 millions $ a year.

Top 10 Youtubers Right Now

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5.    Rhett McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln:


A Comedian actors having own channel on YouTube with most popular sjow name (morning show) which is so famous among viewers, Earns approximately 4.6 millions $ per year.

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6.    KSI:


Video commentator with hip hop musician having a 11 million followers on his channel stardom, approximately earns 4.5 millions $ a year.

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7.    Michelle Phan:


A famous makeup artist advice and teach to their subscribers of how to be like your top favorite celebs or look like your celebs in addition she also teach other different techniques on what paint would be better suited on what situation, face and occasion and teach for self basic techniques for casual paint of hiding any face damage, approximately earns 3 millions $ a year.

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8.    Lilly Singh:


Known by his famous name (Superwoman), she is so popular for his role as a comedian and viewers love his comedy therefore having a huge fan following, approximately earns 2.5 millions $ a year.

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9.    Roman Atwood:


Popular for his pulling pranks like using a stuffed skunk to spray bystanders and faux-flashing young children (while wearing a T-shirt that reads “Don’t Do Drugs”), he is approximately earns 2.4 millions $ a year.

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   10.    Rosanna Pansin:


Famous cook and specialty that became so famous are baking cupcakes, providing tutorials for how to make cupcake with simple easy steps for getting its perfect, approximately earns 2 millions $ a year.

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Top 10 Youtubers Right Now

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