Top 10 Uses Of Smartphone’s

Top 10 Uses Of Smartphone’s

Making phone calls from mobile phone is now a history.


Top 10 Uses Of Smartphone’s:

People get curious to know about the statement of phone calls from phones is now a history.

And the fact is,  Its true and calls from phones ranked in the 7th place in the Top 10 Uses Of Smartphone’s and continue to go decline on a frequent basis due to other uses of smart phone.

From the past decade mobile technology comes at a pace like none other technology and people now depending more on phones instead of other alternative devices.

Addicted Smartphone’s users cannot live a single day without phone, it can be imagine from this.

Approximately 38% out of total users of smart phones addicted to mobile device and they can’t live as mentioned above.

People Most Top 10 Uses Of Smartphone’s


Sending and receiving text messages, reading emails, browsing the internet and using the phone’s alarm clock have all overtaken actual conversation.

1. Texting:

Texting rank 1st in the top uses.

Now a day’s people don’t have a time to talk on a phone and people shifted to text to communicate with each others secondly  reading messages also includes in the top rank of smart phone uses, In addition its cheaper way to communicate than making call, therefore currently it hold the top spot among top 10 uses of Smartphone’s.

2. Emailing and other stuff:

Emailing, reading books, online shopping comes at no 2nd place among top uses of smart phones.

3. Internet Browsing:

Smart phones now have bigger screen with having a special features for internet facilitation another reason for using more mobile devices than other devices that people doesn’t need to carry a laptop or tab all the time for work, their smart phones are enough to do their work any time at any place without any hurdle.

4. Photography

Its rank in the 4th place

People always consider before buying phone device,  whether the camera pixel and quality is good,  Without good camera 70% people rejected at once because of that reason.

5. Social Media:

Now a day’s people want to connect all the time with social media and it can only be happened via phone which is the best source of connecting with social media all the time social media includes (Facebook surfing, Twitter, Instagram,) and so on in it.

6. Alarm Clock:

Very surprisingly that alarm clock rank to 6th place in the top 10 uses of smart phones.

7. Phone calls:

Phones calls rank to 7th due to other alternative source available to connect people.

8. Navigation:

Navigation is the most usable app in the smart phones people now so much dependent on map in smart phones for getting an address or travelling via  on road.

9. Time checking:

Time checking rank to 9th place due to its usage in smart phones by the users.

10.Gaming & music:

Playing games on phones are now rank in the 10th place

In free times people prefer to use mobile to play games for time pass and fun or to listen music.

Top 10 Uses Of Smartphone’s

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