Australia Top 10 Attraction

Australia Top 10 Attraction: Australia is one of the most exciting and beautiful place in the world without having a doubt, Many historical places which shows their culture values and norms, stunt the world by state of the art infra structure, In addition beaches, parks and other so many places that represent Australia a unique and attraction place around the world.


Australia Top 10 Attraction


1.      Sydney Harbor

banner-for-youThe first that everyone first has to visit will be a Sydney harbor, around Harbor Bridge it has a famous landmark called opera house, royal botanic garden, sailing ships with multiple venues on it.

2.      Kakadu National Park

kadu 1Australia largest national park, aboriginal rock art which estimated to be around 20,000 years old, lots of wild species categories living in this park.

3.      Great Barrier Reef

Lady Musgrave Island coral atoll in Capricorn-Bunker group, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, World Heritage Site, Queensland, Australia

4.      Fraser Island

Fraser-IslandThis one is the largest sand island in the world and one of Australia’s most unique four-wheel-drive adventures, travelers only access via 4 wheel drive, Seventy Five Mile Beach, visitors can see the rusted hulls of shipwrecks and beautiful lakes.

5.      Blue Mountains National Park

Three_Sisters_Blue_Mountains_AustraliaThis is another stunning place to visit, located at the west of Sydney, spread approximately 664000 acres of land, it includes waterfalls, aboriginal rock paintings, 140 km of hiking trails, Katoomba Scenic Railway, the world’s steepest and the most attractive and famous place is towering sandstone rock formations called the Three Sisters.

Australia Top 10 Attraction

6.      Bondi Beach

6-Bondi-Beach-Sydney-Australia-HD-Wallpaper-2People love to go on this beach due to nearby from the city and too much fun with luxurious facilities around the beach, travelers can do many things on the beach such as surfing, tasting different sea dishes on top famous restaurants around beach.

7.      Tasmania

2013-australia-tasmania-launceston-44One of the most historical place in the Australia although this city is not as much as other famous cities are but the travelers should visit here to look different historical landscapes, buildings, beaches and many more.

8.      Adelaide

adekaiteOne of the most planned and designed city around the world, state of the art building, spectacular beaches and top luxurious hotels and restaurants.

9.      Daintree National Park

things-to-do-in-port-douglas-daintree-rainforest-adventures-cape-tribulation-lookoutThe stunning stretch of coast is one of the few places in the world where two of the planet’s richest ecosystems converge. The park’s astounding biodiversity includes more than 18,000 plant species and a vast array of animal species including the cassowary, crocodile, giant blue Ulysses butterfly, and the secretive Bennett’s tree kangaroo.

10. Melbourne

1680x1050-Melbourne-AustraliaMelbourne city itself has many destinations to visit, lots of restaurants, museums, wildlife parks, hotels, many attractive sea sides.

Australia Top 10 Attraction

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