Mobile Top 10 Marketing Companies

Mobile Top 10 Marketing Companies: According to statistics these below list are the top companies in online marketing and so far these companies sharing 75% of the total market around the world.


Mobile Top 10 Marketing Companies

1.    Google Admob Ads

Google is the indisputable No. 1 player in mobile. It was already the largestONLINE ADVERTISING COMPANY when it acquired Admob, the biggest player in mobile ads, three years ago. It has since integrated Admob into its Adsense platform. Google’s Android, the world’s leading smartphone operating system, is also helping. Google is immensely profitable and has the most resources of any player to continue to invest in mobile. There’s no question Google will stay on this list for many years to come.

2.    Apple’s Ad

Apple’s iOS is the second most popular smartphone OS behind Google’s Android, and Apple has the most successful app store when it comes to revenue. How does this translate into ads? Well, Apple’s strong regulation of its ecosystem suggests it will be able to push its mobile advertising product, but the jury is still out. Apple hasn’t demonstrated that it can execute well in advertising.

3.    Adfonic

Adfonic is quickly moving up the ranks as one of the top providers of mobile ads. The reason: the company boasts a 95% average fill rate. This means fewer instances without an ad being shown and a guarantee that users have higher eCPMs, or effective cost per thousand, which is the amount of revenue generated per 1,000 views.

4.      Amobee

Many people have dismissed this company as an also-ran. Early on, Amobee focused its business on serving large international mobile carriers, and those carriers are no longer as relevant as they used to be. The large Singapore carrier, Singtel, acquired Amobee for $321 million last year. But Amobee has since grown significantly by shifting its focus to the Asian market, in part because of the significant backing of its new owner, which is helping push Amobee into its numerous operator subsidiaries. The company is focusing its offerings on large enterprise customers that spend between $500,000 to a $1 million a month on advertising.



Mobile Top 10 Marketing Companies

5.    Opera Mediaworks

Opera Mediaworks is a mobile advertising company, founded in 2013 in San Mateo, US. Opera Mediaworks, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Opera Software ASA. The company provides app businesses with advertising, content distribution, and monetization solutions. It enables brands to reach their target audiences, while allowing their consumers to find and purchase the mobile content and services that are most relevant to their interests. Additionally, Opera Mediaworks offers AdMarvel, an ad-serving and mediation platform; Mobile Theory, a premium mobile ad network in the United States; and 4th Screen Advertising Ltd., a premium ad network in the UK.

6.    Millennial Media

Millennial Media is one of the biggest threats to Google’s AdMob. The company’s selling point is that it doesn’t dabble with programmatic buying – that is automated ad displays with little human interaction – but rather serves premium ads.

7.    Chartboost

Chartboost is designed by gamers for gamers. This is a platform that developers want to include in their games due to its targeted marketing.

8.    Smaato

Smaato is the global real-time advertising platform for mobile publishers and app developers, founded in August, 2005 by Ragnar Kruse, Harald Neidhardt and Petra Vorsteher in San Francisco, US. The company runs one of the biggest independent mobile ad exchange.

9.    MoPub

This mobile ad exchange company has momentum: Within 18 months, and with just 65 employees, it has hit a $100 million revenue run rate, in the same time it took a eight-year old Flurry to do so. How? Simple: It capitalized on the rise of real-time bidding, offering a transparent exchange that cuts away the manual work created by the first generation of ad networks, where you have a sales person call on advertising accounts.

10. Hunt

Hunt boasts one of the largest mobile ad networks with over 15 billion ad impressions. The idea is that by using its SDK, users can hunt down the best ads for their mobile app or website.

Mobile Top 10 Marketing Companies

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