Top 10 Photo Editing Software For Windows 10

Top 10 Photo Editing Software For Windows 10: These are the best software of photo editing so far for windows 8 and 10, it simply provides the best tools to make your photo into your demands, easy to handle and with little knowledge can be enough to use these software.

Top 10 Photo Editing Software For Windows 10

1.     Fotor

f0t0rThis particular app wants to give you everything you need to edit your images with an all-in-one solution.

Fotor contains basic editing tools, visual effects, frames, texts, raw converter and more. The effects and frames have more than 60 different options that have been created with inputs from experienced graphic designers and photographers. Some of the categories include, Classic, Lomo, Black-and-White, Art, Lens, Flare, and Vignettes.

2.     Pixlr

Pixlr-800x600You might be familiar with Pixlr, as an online photo editor; despite the online version, Pixlr is now available as an app for desktop and it is indeed a free, reliable photo editor available now.

3.     Picasa

PicasaEasily overlooked, Picasa is Google’s free desktop image organizing and editing software. It connects to Picasa Web online albums, making it easy to share photos with others straight from your desktop, but you can also use it purely as a desktop application. Picasa can display all your photos in one place, linking to any or all of the image folders on your computer via its Folder Manager.

4.     Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a Flash-based image editing Web and mobile application. It brings the experience of Adobe and many of its professional image manipulation technologies in an easy to use application.

5.     GIMP

Picasa As an open-source solution, GIMP or GNU or General Image Manipulation Program was created to simplify the photo editing features of Photoshop for free. And to a large extent, it has done a great job in delivering many similar features.

The platform lets you customize the layout so you can have tools you use all the time readily available. This includes single click retouching to quickly enhance your images.

Top 10 Photo Editing Software For Windows 10

6.     SumoPaint

SumoPaintSumoPaint is an online editor with very powerful features. At first glance, it looks like Photoshop, and it provides almost as many tools and effects to edit your image. It has filters with 3D, fractals, blur, texture and more.

You can adjust brightness and contrast, color balance, and hue and saturation to edit your image.

7.     Apple Photos

apple-photo-editingSimpler and better than iPhoto, Photos is worth a proper look for any Mac owner

Platforms: Mac, iOS

Mac users upgrading to OS X 10.10 Yosemite get a brand new free photo managing and editing app called, appropriately enough, Photos. It looks completely different from Apple’s old iPhoto app – in particular, the organizational tools are effective but take a little getting used to. The good news is that the editing tools are much-improved. They look terrific and they’re actually pretty powerful.

8.     PicsArt

PicsArtThis app was also created for mobile platforms, but is now available for Windows 10.

It has hundreds of tools and effects that deliver professional results. For small businesses looking to give their images more pizzaz, PicsArt delivers. It provides customizable filters and effects along with text, sticker, and image overlays which can be applied for promotional flyers, ads on a website and social media postings.

9.     PhotoScape

PhotoScapePhotoScape blends a lot of usable features with a minimalistic user interface so that you won’t have to mess up with a lot of toolbars and all. Just as PhotoScape says in the official website, it can function as a viewer for viewing your photos and creating slideshows , editor with basic photo editing capabilities, batch editing etc.

10.   PicMonkey

picmonkey-collage2PicMonkey is a widely-used online photo editor, which is known for the simpler user interface. User interface of it is classified into four sections ,each one for Editing, Touch Up, Design and Collage. All these can be done from homepage of PicMonkey.

Top 10 Photo Editing Software For Windows 10



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