Top 10 Cool Gadgets (2016)

Top 10 Cool Gadgets:

1.      Divoom VoomboxDivoom VoomboxHey, guess what? It’s summertime! It’s time to be outdoors! And one of the cool gadgets that are necessary for the outdoorsy type of man is the Divoom Voombox Portable Wireless Speaker. The speaker connects to your devices effortlessly through Bluetooth, and the quality is absolutely astonishing. The Voombox blows many of the other wireless speakers out of the water when it comes to audio quality, especially the Westinghouse Unplug speaker that I’ve been recommending to everyone.

2.      iOS Video Glasses

iOS Video GlassesLadies and gentleman, now something completely different. How about a 72 inch wide screen monitor mounted directly on your head? What, you think it’s not possible?

It is, all you need is your iPhone 4S or let’s say iPad and iOS Video Glasses and you’re set to go. You will experience a theater screen-like and all this from the comfort of your home. It comes in one color (white) and it’s not that cheap (around $200).

Top 10 Cool Gadgets

3.      LightMate Emergency LED Flash Light

LightMate Emergency LED Flash Light

The  is much more than just a flash light. In fact, Satechi’s only mistake with this flash light is that they didn’t name it something like the Smart Light. This cool gadget has a ton of practical applications. First and foremost, of course, it has a super-bright LED light that’s safe (plastic), long lasting and highly visible. The light has 5 different modes, including bright, medium, dim, SOS and strobe. Secondly, it contains a 2200mAh portable power bank with a USB charging port and cable for emergency cell phone charging. It’s also waterproof and highly durable, with a nice weight to it. Finally, it also has a high-strength pointed alloy steel emergency glassbreaker in case you ever need it. The only situation I can imagine needing it is during a zombie apocalypse and you’re trying to break glass to grab an axe. At least, that’s the scenario I have worked out in my head. Still, the LightMate Emergency Flash Light makes a great gift for campers, travelers or anyone that frequently uses a flash light.

4.      Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker


Making an espresso using a standard, cheap espresso maker gives you an unlikely chance of actually getting a great cup of espresso. But Nespresso has fixed that problem with theNespresso Pixie Espress Maker. It basically works like a Keurig does for coffee, but instead of coffee it takes espresso pods. The Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker will deliver an espresso to you using one of the capsules (think K-Cups) with a flawless espresso every time. So if you’re done trying to make your own espressos with some crappy espresso maker, pick up a Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker.

5.       Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Wireless Gaming Mouse

LD0001770882_2The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Wireless Gaming Mouse is the best mouse on the market, and I don’t mean just PC gaming mouse. Not only does it have a great weight to it, a cool-looking design, and an LED light that can be set to whatever color you’d like (or cycled through all of the colors), but it is ergonomically pleasing to boot. It runs on a charge (that lasts for 30 hours on a single charge), and it can be used while charging. Best of all, it’s incredibly responsive, with up to a 12,000 DPI (that you can adjust with just the click of a button ON THE FLY). This is especially great if you’re playing a shooter or something else that would benefit from changing the mouse sensitivity on the go. I’ve never been so impressed with a computer mouse in my entire life, and I’ve gone through quite a few of them in my day. If you’re looking to upgrade your workstation, I enthusiastically recommend the G900.

6.      Composite Case by Urban Gear

Composite Case by Urban Gear

We can’t continue this list without mentioning at least one protective case for iPhone 5. One the best protective cases for iPhone 5 got to be Composite Case by Urban Gear. If you’re an adventurer if you’re not sitting in the office from 9-6, if you like to have your iPhone 5 with you no matter where you go this is the case to have.

Your iPhone 5 will be protected to the max. The armor protects the entire body and screen. All the buttons and ports are easily accessible and you also get a cleaning kit for your screen.  The case could be yours for around $35 which is really not that much.

Top 10 Cool Gadgets

7.      Izon Wi-Fi Video Monitor

Izon Wi-Fi Video MonitorThe  is one of those cool gadgets for home security. If you’re frequently away from your home, and you want to check in to see what’s going on, the Izon will allow you to do just that right from your smartphone. You can place the camera anywhere near any outlet in your house, and once it’s connected to your home’s wireless internet, you can view what the camera is seeing and hear what’s going on in the room right from your smartphone. If you’re wondering how it compares to the Oco, the Izon has a bit higher quality, and is slimmer.

8.      Glow in The Dark B-Ball

Glow in The Dark B-BallAnd now something completely different. You may say, hey, this is not a gadget, but we saved this one for the end because if you went through the entire article, you deserve to see this basketball. And yes, this is a gadget, because you will definitely drag some attention on yourself with this one.

The name is Glow in The Dark B-Ball which is completely understandable name because this is a ball which glows in the dark. If you like the basketball but your street does not have night light this is a must have ball. You can play all night long.

9.     Amazon Echo

Amazon-EchoAmazon Echo is now eons ahead of what it was when it launched last year. Now, it works with so many more apps, including Dominos, Uber, Amazon Radio, Pandora, Spotify, Accuweather, Audible, and so much more. It’s one step closer to a Her sort of home automation solution. The Echo is there to give you a hand when your hands are full, or when you don’t want to get up off of the couch. It has the ability to control lights, switches, Nest, Wink, Insteon and other smart home products that you probably already have. It has a loud, uniquely designed set of speakers that surrounds the device to fill your room with audio, and its microphones can easily pick up your voice from across the room. What’s more, Amazon is continually adding new features and apps to perfect the device.

10. Koala Tablet Wall Mount Dock by Dockem

Koala Tablet Wall Mount Dock by DockemEver lay in bed at night with your tablet binge-watching your backlog of shows and movies on Netflix and realize just how uncomfortable it is to have to hold the tablet while you watch? You need a tablet wall mount, and the easiest one to set up is the Koala Tablet Wall Mount Dock by Dockem. It works with virtually all tablets — both iOS and Android devices — and is easily set up in seconds. There are no screws or holes required, as it simply uses damage-free 3M Command adhesive strips for mounting, allowing you to mount it virtually anywhere in your home. Whether you need your tablet in the bedroom, garage, bathroom or kitchen, the Koala Tablet Wall Mount Dock can be placed anywhere. And, it’s cheap enough so that it makes a great gift for her on a budget.

Top 10 Cool Gadgets


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