Top 10 Pregnancy Gadgets

Top 10 Pregnancy Gadgets:

1.      Test Pregnancy with Digital USB Gadget


P-Teq’s USB Pregnancy Test Kit is the most attractive and weirdest pregnancy test stick ever. It works like most pregnancy tests which means you’ll have to pee on your USB, specifically the absorbent test strip at one end so that you can remove the strip. The USB connection allows you to check various information about your and your baby’s health on the given software. Unfortunately, for now this gadget is only available on April Fools’.

2.      KickTrack


There is nothing more special than experiencing something for the first time, like your baby’s first kick inside your womb. There are many ways to monitor the baby’s movements without the help of a doctor. Some mothers choose to do it on their own, while others always prefer a proper tool like KickTrack. KickTrack is a handy gadget that will count, track and keep a record of your baby’s movement. It could also be used in the last months of pregnancy to learn about contractions when the labor begins.

3.      GE Vscan Ultrasound Scanner

American Heroes II

The good old General Electric has finally come up with something not exactly new but kind of cool: a low-cost and very portable ultrasound scanner called the Vscan. About the size as a Blackberry, the top of the device showed an ultrasound image while the bottom held control keys. The price wasn’t revealed, but GE CEO hopes to bring these devices to Africa and help health care providers there determine “if a baby is breech”.

Top 10 Pregnancy Gadgets

4.      Big Day Books Digital Baby Book


If the USB necklace route doesn’t sound quite right for you, here’s another take on a digital baby book. After you receive a hard-covered baby book with your choice of cover patterns, you create the inside pages using an online account. Guided by practical questions that pertain to pregnancy and early childhood milestones, you can fill in the pages online, include digital photos, and even receive email reminders to fill in certain pages as your baby grows. Print pages out as you go, and insert them into the book. Voil?! Your baby book is complete.

5.      Pregnancy Bag

pregnancy bag

The anti-robbery pregnancy bag for women works perfectly for two reasons: it hides women’s valuable belongings from any potential thief’s eyes as well as cultivates villains’ pity on pregnant women. It won’t go very well with your sexy party dress though.

6.      AngelSounds


Hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time is a moment every parent remembers. Having that assurance that your baby is okay is soothing, and in that moment, it’s like nothing else matters. AngelSounds is a gadget that lets future moms hear their baby’s heartbeat anytime they want, ensuring a peace of mind throughout your pregnancy.

7.      Lullabelly


Just like adults, infants in the womb are responsive to good music. Over a period, they will develop their taste and show their approval by giving you a calm and soothing day. Lullabelly is a soft band that wraps around your belly with a pocket for your music device. It has speakers and an earphone splitter so that you and your baby could enjoy the same music at the same time.

Top 10 Pregnancy Gadgets

8.     BabyDaze


Pregnancy often causes some sleepless nights, and not only because sleeping for some is just downright uncomfortable. Sometimes the lack of zzz’s is a result of anxiety about the next day’s to-do list, a baby’s room that’s not complete, or questions for the doctor that pop into your sleepy head. BabyDaze has a lighted pen and log book for expectant, or new, sleep-deprived moms, allowing them to write down anything that’s lingering in their minds in the middle of the night, without waking anyone else in the room. The eight-section organizer has pertinent sections with worksheets. So, instead of lying awake thinking all night, knowing you’ll forget it all in the morning, you can jot it down and get some much-needed rest.

9.      Laks Baby Boom Pregnancy Watch

Laks Baby Boom Pregnancy Watch

Laks’ Pregnancy Watch is a stylish plastic watch that doubles as a pregnancy device: When a woman is pregnant, the watch can tell her the week of pregnancy she is in. It also comes with a list of baby names as suggestions in case you haven’t picked out one for your baby yet.

10. Beforme MP3 Stethoscope


Designed to strengthen the contact between mother and her unborn baby, Beforme is a stethoscope with MP3 player that records and plays the heartbeats of an unborn child. The embryo-shaped device also presents the heartbeats as a graph on the display. The information can then be transmit to the computer via USB cable or Bluetooth.

Top 10 Pregnancy Gadgets

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