Top 10 Spy Gadgets For Kids

Top 10 Spy Gadgets For Kids :



• The Spy Recording Pen will never compromise your cover! Capable of writing and recording audio, agents can take notes while covertly recording conversations.
• Get close to your target, record audio and play back your recordings for the intel you need.
• Use blackout conditions to your advantage by activating the stealth red laser beam to signal co-operative agents or to illuminate your page and transcribe audio recordings.
• Gear up as you write, record and play back audio with the high-tech Spy Recording Pen.



• Slip on a pair of these high-tech shades and record videos or take photos of your surroundings. The hidden embedded camera will begin to record with a simple click of a button.
• The glasses can take up to 20 minutes of video or 1500+ photos.
• The dark lenses hide your gaze as you survey the area and collect footage.
• Extract your data by connecting a USB cable and uploading your files to a computer.

Top 10 Spy Gadgets For Kids



• Record up to 20 minutes of video using 3 unique lenses on the Tri-Optics Video Watch.
• Rotate the watch’s outer ring to switch between standard, wide or zoom lenses.
• Hide your watch in an unsuspecting location and let the internal motion detector auto-record video whenever it detects movement.
• Use the included USB cable to download your footage and charge the Tri-Optics Video Watch. Stream, record and capture live video and photos.



• The Spike Mic Launcher is a remote listening device delivering super spy audio surveillance. The Spike Mic dart has a built in microphone with two interchangeable tips:
• Sticky Dart and Suction Cup. Launch it or stick it to a surface and listen.
• With a live audio feed you’ll remain undetected as you hear conversations happening in far away locations.
• Plug in using the headphone jack (headphones sold separately) for stealth listening.



• Spy Wire Mic lets you record conversations covertly! Attach the recording device to your belt and line your jacket with the wired microphone.
• Press the record button to activate audio recording and capture conversation.

Top 10 Spy Gadgets For Kids

6. Spy Gear Voice Changer


• The Spy Gear Voice Changer lets you amplify or disguise your voice with 8 unique voice-changing effects to distract friends and family.
• Confuse or distract enemies by speaking into the microphone and holding down the activation trigger.
• Choose from 8 different effects: Megaphone, Alien, Chipmunk, Cyborg, Ghost, Echo, Spy and Man
• The Spy Gear Voice Changer is made for agents 6+ and requires 2 AA batteries for operation.
• 1 Spy Gear Voice Changer, 1 Instruction Sheet

7. Spy Gear, Spy Snake Cam


• Explore your surroundings without ever being seen using the Spy Gear Snake Cam
• The Snake Cam’s ultra flexible camera arm bends so you can see over walls, around corners, under doors or wherever you want!
• Press the Activation Button, aim the Snake Cam and a Live Cam feed will project onto your handheld LCD screen

8. SUNYEE Sky Carrier


• 6 AXIS GYRO with posture control – Integrated design guarantee the precise positioning of the aircraft.
• 4 CHANNEL function provide stable flying and easy operation.
• High capacity battery and strong power motors enable the helicopter to fly much longer and more efficiently.
• Charging time is about 120 minutes while flight duration is about 7-9 minutes.
• Modular design makes it easy to install and repair. Remote distance is up to 30m.

9. Coocheer JJRC D1 Headless Mini Drone Quadcopter


• 4CH aircraft possesses amazing functions such as 360 degree flips, headless mode, up/down, left/right sideward fight, forward/backward, turn left/right.
• The size is just 2.2cm x 1.9cm.Mini Size, portable and suitable for indoor flying
• Four high-speed motors as the driving force.LED light makes it visible when you fly at night.
• Flight time can reach up to 8 mins in the general situation.
• 3D rollover,hovering at any angle.It’ easy to fly and able to keep stable. Have fun with this.

10. Spy Gear – Lazer Defense Network


• Create a highly secure perimeter and protect top-secret information with the Spy Gear Lazer Defense Network!
• Align 3 lazer units to create an invisible defense network. When the perimeter is breached an alarm will sound!
• The Lazer Defense Network units can be placed up to 20 feet apart and can be combined with additional units to create massive secured perimeters.
• The Spy Gear Lazer Defense Network is made for Secret Agents ages 8+ and requires 6 AAA batteries for operation.
• Includes: 1 Lazer Receiver Unit, 2 Lazer Transmitter Units, 1 Instruction Guide.

Top 10 Spy Gadgets For kids

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