Windows Top 10 Gadgets

Windows Top 10 Gadgets:

1. System symbols


At its core, what many things in our life should be is functional. Without function, many aspects of our lives lose meaning. Sadly, functionality becomes lost or muddled when things get complicated. Try returning to simplicity with System symbols! This is a very simple Windows gadget that can be placed wherever you want on your desktop. It provides a very simple thing — accessing common system-wide controls for your computer. With its very minimal design, you’re ensured that this gadget functionality will always be front and center.

2. Ram Monitor


With the right tools, anyone can become a computer master. RAM Monitor can be one of these indispensable tools! This convenient, stylish Windows gadget displays the amount of RAM currently used by your computer, through a modern user interface. Find out at a glance how close your computer is to full memory by placing this gadget anywhere on your desktop. You can even set an automatic notification to alert you when your RAM is going below an amount you set.

3. Computer Status


one of the most important things that people would like to know more about. Knowing how your computer is performing at present time can be crucial in helping people decide if it would be perfect to create some tasks or not depending on the current memory space as well as the other details that are displayed on the computer. Know the current memory of your different drivers and check the status of your recycle bin to figure out if there are some things that you would need to erase or not.

Windows Top 10 Gadgets

4. Chameleon Glass


No need to search further because the chameleon glass gadgets may be all you need. The fact that they are chameleon gadgets mean that they can be adjusted well depending on what your current theme is. All the gadgets that you need and all the gadgets that you are looking for will be available with this set. Whether you would need a calendar gadget that will allow you to know the current date or you would like a gadget that will allow you to place notes so that you will know what to do, this gadget set will never disappoint.

5. Spectrum Analyzer


The colorful schemes can change depending on what you are currently listening to. It displays a powerful spectrum depending on what you are listening to. At the same time, you can also control the sound and voices that you may be hearing. This can be customized easily depending on the color that you would like to see on the side of your screen.

6. Weather Monitor


There are a lot of weather gadgets that you may see but the best weather gadget can be this one since it will give you all the details that you need. From the current temperature that you will see from the various details that will be very helpful for you, you know that this is one weather gadget that you ought to have at your desktop at the soonest possible time.

Windows Top 10 Gadgets

7. Horoscope


This introspective Windows gadget is designed to be placed anywhere on your desktop, and acts as a one-stop access point for your daily horoscope. Find out your fortune based on your birth date with this convenient astrological tool. And since it’s right at your desktop, last minute compatibility checks are possible, too.

8. Phantom Clock


Need a modern timepiece to finish off your perfect theme? Look no further than Phantom Clock! This stylish Windows gadget can be placed anywhere in your desktop, ensuring you can always take a glance to check the time. Choose from a variety of fashionable designs, inspired by real-life premium timepieces. Keep it neon with a blue on black design, or cater to your classic side with the seashell-toned variants.

9. Spirit Detector


Do you feel an odd presence seemingly lurking around you; hovering above you as if sitting its full weight on your shoulders? Even if you try to convince your friends and family, they will just think you’re pulling their leg. Or worse, they might think you’re flat out crazy! Well then, give them to irrefutable proof that they need! With the Spirit Detector, you will be able to detect all kinds of entities and creatures.

10. Alienware


Make sure that you will be able to play Music, get to monitor your PC & your current system and at the same time know more about the current state of your CPU. This gadget can also be adjusted and personalized depending on how you would want it. You can change the colors of the font depending on how you would like it to fit with the rest of your theme.

Windows Top 10 Gadgets

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