Top 10 Tech Gadgets $100

Top 10 Tech Gadgets $100:

1.     Samsung Gear VR ($100)


Virtual reality has long been the dream of science fiction. However, after years of failed attempt, innovations, and Johnny Mnemonic, consumer VR finally is poised to make a big splash. The big names in VR — namely the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive — are still wildly unaffordable for the time being; however, some smaller less expensive VR headsets are already a hit with consumers. Samsung’s Gear VR is the best of these, drawing on Oculus’ technology to provide a portable VR experience. The headset uses a smartphone as a screen, so users will need to own one of the four compatible Samsung phones. Those who do will appreciate the headset’s ergonomic design and foam lining, which make the act of wearing a large visor on your face as inconspicuous as possible. Developers are still experimenting with VR, so the quality of games and apps varies greatly. However, early gems like Gunjack and Land’s End show the platform’s promise.

2.     NightHawk DM007 Quadcopter ($90)


In 2016, you can’t feasibly make a list of best gadgets without at least highlighting one drone. Thankfully, with so many manufacturers now tackling drones, the cost of the technology is at an all-time low. Now there are many excellent, reasonably priced drones to choose from. The NightHawk Quadcopter is one of the best out there for the price. The 720p HD video camera allows you to capture clear, first-person footage of your aerial adventures and capture 2MP stills. The drone is also capable of some fairly nimble maneuvers, including flips in any direction. The six-axis, adjustable gyroscope gives the NightHawk Quadcopter some serious hovering skills, too, and the 150-meter range means you’ll be the bane of your neighbor’s existence is no time.

Top 10 Tech Gadgets $100

3.     Amazon Fire HD 6($99)


As much as we like e-ink readers, though, an extra $20 will get you a full-fledged color tablet. Sure, it doesn’t have much storage (8GB) and it’s not super-zippy, but the well-designed Fire HD 6 is one of the better options out there — especially given its $99 price tag. It does come in a 16GB version for $20 more, and it’s also worth mentioning that Amazon occasionally discounts both HD 6 models from time to time, making them even better bargains.

4.     Olloclip ($80)


Available in a slew of different color combinations, the new-and-improved Olloclips looks to capitalize on the updated hardware and software powering the iPhone 6’s front and rear cameras. The unique devices adds lenses to both cameras at the same time, affording you the opportunity to capture photos that are compatible with most sharing and editing apps available. There’s both a 10x and 15x macro lens in addition to a standard wide-angle and fisheye lens. Best of all, you can attach the pocket-size lens kit using one of three wearable pendants — whether around your neck or on your bag.

5.     Jawbone Mini Jambox($75)


The Jambox Mini initially retailed for $179, but has steadily dropped in price and now can be had for $75 in certain colors (yes, it’s available in a variety colors).

6.     Frigidroid($80)


It’s difficult to think of a character in the Star Wars universe who was more heavily relied upon than R2-D2. Princess Leia counted on him to bring her pleas of help to Obi-Wan. Luke Skywalker needed him to help pilot his X-wing and ultimately destroy the first Death Star. Even Queen Amidala depended on R2 to repair her ship’s shields while running the Trade Federation’s blockade of Naboo. Now, you too can rely on this trusty droid to keep your favorite beverages cold… or warm!

Top 10 Tech Gadgets $100

7.     Kingston HyperX Cloud ($67.99)


Multiplayer is the new black in the gaming world, so if you’re going to spend your free time trash-talking strangers, you might as well be comfortable while doing so. The Kingston HyperX Cloud makes that happen over long sessions, all while being built well and having a clear, expansive sound. It also doesn’t look like it was designed by a Doritos executive. There’s no 7.1 surround sound, and the mic here is just alright, but as PCGamer, IGN, and The Wirecutter concur, the Cloud is pretty clearly the best gaming headset you can find for less than $100.

Top 10 Tech Gadgets $100

8.     Sensu Artist Brush & Stylus ($39.99)


An IPAD is many things to many people — a mini TV, an e-reader, and a super portable laptop all at once. But for the creative types among us, it’s also a canvas, one that just needs a good drawing tool to be unlocked. The Sensu Artist Brush & Stylus is that: The rubber nib on one side is surprisingly precise for sketching and getting around iOS, while the digital brush on its back lets you paint broader strokes in a handful of drawing apps.

9.     InFocus Kangaroo ($99)


If you can supply your own monitor, keyboard, and mouse, though, you can get much more than what the Fire provides without breaking the $100 barrier. The INFOCUS KANGROO is about the size of a large smartphone, but inside it packs a full-fledged Windows 10 PC.

It’s not an incredibly strong PC, sure, but it’s still fast enough to stream movies, browse the web, write up Word docs, or generally do anything else you’d do with a computer, just on whatever TV or monitor you have sitting around. If you have an iPad, it’ll work there too. It’s more than useful as a basic family desktop or a portable PC for those who are often on the go.

10. Audio-Technica AT-LP60 ($99.95)


Smart phones and streaming services have made the average music library bigger and more bountiful than ever, but they’ve helped wreck the actual quality of that music in the process. Believe it or not, going back to the old vinyl-and-turntable setup isn’t just a style move — it has legitimate technical benefits, too.

If you’re thinking of starting your own collection, the is a simple, well-received introduction to the turntable concept. It sounds great, it cleans up nicely, and using it is as easy as plugging in, popping in a record, and hitting start. You really have no choice but to pay up for a higher-end player if you want something more featured and closer to “audiophile” sound quality, but for casual listening, the LP60 will do fine.

Top 10 Tech Gadgets $100



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