Top 10 robot gadgets

Top 10 robot gadgets:

1.     Fast Runner


The MIT of New York and Florida institute of human and machine cognition developed a robot that looks like an ostrich. It uses a unique leg design and one actuator per leg with mechanical tendons. With the height of 4.6 feet and weight of 66 pounds, it can run at the maximum speed of 30 MPH. It was designed with an idea of transferring supplies over rough terrain, mostly for disaster relief.

2.     QQ4R Car Robot


This amazing car robot vacuum cleaner will make your kids love cleaning their rooms. The QQ4R Car Robot Vacuum Cleaner has 4 intelligent cleaning modes, can be operated with a remote control that makes it easy to reach corners, as well as sensors that prevent it from hitting walls and furniture, or falling down the stairs.

Top 10 robot gadgets

3.     Robot Mower


Gardening has never been easier than with this smart robot lawn mower. It fullyautomizes grass mowing with the help of its cutting edge microcomputer processor, and it’s packed with tons of incredible features such as collision sensors, intelligent moving functions, and theft protection systems.When it begins to rain, it even goes back to its charging station completely on its own.

4.     Dustball Robot Vacuum Cleaner:


The motor inside drives the unit by moving around by swinging its internal weight across two axes and doubles as the dustbin. And when it’s full, it automatically returns to its starting point and glows.

5.    Braava Floor Mopping Robot


The Braava Floor Mopping Robot by iRobot is rechargeable and cleans for up to 3 hours dry sweeping on a single recharge, or up to 2 hours wetmopping.

6.     Droplet Robotic Sprinkler


The Droplet Robotic Sprinkler is a brilliant gadget that saves precious water and protect the environment, lowering water consumption by up to 90%, to save an average of $263 yearly on watering costs.

Droplet leverages on real-time weather data, knows the exact location of plants, calculates the most effective angle to disperse water, and in the required amount. It can be easily set up and configured via the web.

Top 10 robot gadgets

7.     Litter-Robot


This self-cleaning robotic litter box must be the dream of every cat owner. It has smart sensors that detect when a cat has used the box and left it, then initiate a self-cleaning mechanism in 7 minutes.

The robotic litter box uses a carbon filter that helps prevent odors, and has a drawer that can be lined with regular kitchen garbage bags to make it easy to remove the waste.

8.     Razer


Razer is a two-time Robot War world Championships winner of the British television series, Robot Wars. It was constructed by Simon Scott and Lan Lewis. It is 1.3 feet in height, 2 feet in width, made up of metal. This 92 kg robot is powered by two 12V batteries. Its weapon is a piercing arm which exerts pressure of three tones per square inch. The biggest reason behind the popularity of the robot is that it has 0 mm ground clearance. It has record winning of 40 out of 46 fights and recognized as one of the most powerful competitors in robot wars.

9.     Asimo


ASIMO is an advanced humanoid robot, developed by Honda. The first prototype of the robot was launched on 21st October 2001. It was developed for a multi-functional mobile assistant, helping those who can’t help themselves. It also has the coolest robot design ever. With 4 feet 3 inch height and 48 kg weight, it is designed to operate in the real world. ASIMO has the ability to run at maximum speed of 6 km/h.

10. Sand Flea


Google owns this Robotics Company, Boston Dynamics has developed a robot which is capable of jumping up to 30 feet from the ground. It is developed to help the military services in Afghanistan. It helps the soldiers to look over the walls. The Sand Flea robot weighs only 11 pounds and filled with carbon dioxide gas to drive itself in the air. It can make up to 25 of these jumps without refilling of gas.

Top 10 robot gadgets


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