top 10 football players now

Top 10 Football Players Now

World Top players according to FIFA ranking 2015 Top 10 Football Players Now (World 2015)   1.    CRISTIANO RONALDO – REAL MADRID CF (SPAIN) He is one of top grossing player, recently made a contract with real Madrid approximately to be close to 79.5 million& in addition he got the most points in 2015 as a […]

top ten dangerous dogs

Top Ten Dangerous Dogs

LIST OF Top Ten Dangerous Dogs 2015 Pit bull Pitt bull is the most dangerous dogs and without extensive and proper training it can be lethal to any one, according to the sources pit bull took many deaths which is approximately 80 people including children’s since 1990.   Rottweiler’s Another dangerous breed similar to pit […]


Top 10 Mods Cities skylines

Top 10 Mods Cities Skylines. Dynamic Resolution Watch city by putting the mod into dynamic resolution its provides hi resolution by adjusting your screen size it also provides the view above the sky with crystal clear image and player can operate the whole city with one eye, but it could slow the game if the […]

Top 10 PBS Kid’s Games

Top 10 PBS Kid’s Games

Top 10 PBS Kid’s Games:Grooming your kids via these games, its simply the best games for the kids to increase their brain potentials, knowledge and fast learning without burden. Game includes all types ( and history) etc. These are the Top 10 PBS kid’s Games. They designed in a way in which kids can enjoy […]

top 10 Nintendo 3ds games

Top 10 Nintendo 3dS Games

  List of these top 10 Nintendo 3ds Games taken after deep search from various sites. Criteria of this list: Feedback from users taken from (,, Rating from different sites (,, Sold copies till July (,,, google) Resolution and Graphics These are the best games to play on Nintendo […]

top 10 funny science videos

Top 10 Funny Science Videos

Top 10 funny science videos. Amazing funny science experiment List of science experiments 1- Instant hot ice 2-Non newtonian fluid 3- Mentos and coke rockets 4-Neodymium magnets and copper Download this video by clicking this link.. 8 Tricks with water that blow your mind Can do it at home Fun to watch Download this video […]

top 10 Documentary movies of all time

Top 10 Documentary Movies oF All Time

  List of Top 10 Documentary Movies of All Time Taken After Some Criteria Listed Below, Feedback from the People Watched Already Box Office Performance Cast and Cinematography Quality and Picturerization of the Movies However the list of top 10 documentaries movies of all time is not conclusive due to people different taste, state of […]

Top 10 Downloading Game Sites

Top 10 Downloading Game Sites.After Rigorous Research It Is Concluded That These Are The Top 10 Downloading Game Sites.    1.            RockstarGames Rockstar famous for having best games in there game categories User should go to rockstar own play store for download instead of other links provided by rockstar. 2. […]

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