top 10 most wanted now

Top 10 Most Wanted Now

List of top 10 most wanted now, list based on bounty or reward given against information as mentioned below and the Intel world services attention against those wanted person . Top 10 Most Wanted Now 2015 AYMAN AL-ZAWAHIRI Citizen: Egypt Most wanted criminals since found of his involvement in bombing of United States embassies in Tanzania, Nairobi […]

top 10 mostly used medicines in the world

Top 10 Mostly Used Medicines In The World

  These are widely used medicines worldwide, different companies make medicines with their own name by using below listed (Salts). Top 10 mostly used medicines in the world   Atorvastatin Most selling medicine all over the world approximately 14 billion$. Purpose of this medicine: Cholesterol level Triglyceride levels, Heart patient, Angina patient Reduce hypertension. This […]

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