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Strongest claim yet that Trump administration was focused on unraveling Russia sanctions

As President Donald Trump delivered his inaugural address, incoming-national security adviser Michael Flynn texted his former business colleague about a plan to join Russia and build nuclear reactors in the Middle East: The project was “good to go,” he told them, according to a summary of a whistleblower’s account provided by a lawmaker. CNN.com – […]

Trump’s delay on importing heads of hunted elephants surprises administration staff

President Donald Trump’s move late Friday night to postpone a decision to allow the import of elephant hunting trophies from two African countries came as a surprise not only to interest groups, but also the US Fish and Wildlife Service employees who oversaw the proposed change in policy, a source with knowledge of the agency’s […]

In return for protecting DACA recipients, Trump administration wants aggressive border security measures and cuts to legal immigration

The White House on Sunday night is expected to release an aggressive list of priorities for any deal to protect young undocumented immigrants in limbo — a list that could make a deal almost impossible to reach if it is strictly followed. CNN.com – RSS Channel – HP Hero

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