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Top 10 Tech Gadgets $100

Top 10 Tech Gadgets $100

Top 10 Tech Gadgets $100: 1.     Samsung Gear VR ($100) Virtual reality has long been the dream of science fiction. However, after years of failed attempt, innovations, and Johnny Mnemonic, consumer VR finally is poised to make a big splash. The big names in VR — namely the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive — are […]

Windows Top 10 Gadgets

Windows Top 10 Gadgets

Windows Top 10 Gadgets: 1. System symbols At its core, what many things in our life should be is functional. Without function, many aspects of our lives lose meaning. Sadly, functionality becomes lost or muddled when things get complicated. Try returning to simplicity with System symbols! This is a very simple Windows gadget that can […]

top 10 spy gadgets for kids

Top 10 Spy Gadgets For Kids

Top 10 Spy Gadgets For Kids : 1. SPY RECORDING PEN • The Spy Recording Pen will never compromise your cover! Capable of writing and recording audio, agents can take notes while covertly recording conversations. • Get close to your target, record audio and play back your recordings for the intel you need. • Use blackout […]

top 10 cool gadgets

Top 10 Cool Gadgets (2016)

Top 10 Cool Gadgets: 1.      Divoom VoomboxHey, guess what? It’s summertime! It’s time to be outdoors! And one of the cool gadgets that are necessary for the outdoorsy type of man is the Divoom Voombox Portable Wireless Speaker. The speaker connects to your devices effortlessly through Bluetooth, and the quality is absolutely astonishing. The Voombox […]

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