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It seems the candidate is going to fight sexual allegations, placing other Republicans in a tough place

Talk privately to any Washington Republican about Roy Moore’s Senate candidacy before today and they would tell you that the former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court was going to be a major problem given his long record of saying incredibly controversial things. CNN.com – RSS Channel – HP Hero

Republicans’ math problem

House Republicans have a math problem in their current bill, a series of analyses, including from the well-respected Joint Committee on Taxation, that appear to show they will break two of their primary promises with the proposal, and several outstanding issues that need to be solved by next week. CNN.com – RSS Channel – HP […]

Republicans want to know if Trump is intentionally putting off sanctions ahead of Putin meeting

Top Senate Republicans are pledging to find out if the White House is intentionally delaying new sanctions on Moscow as the Trump administration is several weeks past a congressionally-imposed deadline to identify top Russian officials involved in political cybermeddling. CNN.com – RSS Channel – HP Hero

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